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A message from the MKA President
Posted on Feb 17th, 2023
Dear MKA Members,
First, I would like to welcome all new Members who have recently joined the Manasota Key Association (MKA). Welcome to paradise and I look forward to personally meeting all of you in the future! 2022 will be remembered as the Hurricane Ian year. We hope our numerous MKA email communications helped with your planning for the Storm and recovery efforts afterward. Our Key continues to look better every day and we thank everyone for all of your hard work with the clean-up efforts. No doubt, Ian will be remembered as the worst natural disaster to impact our community during the past 70 years.
2023 Manasota Key Association Slate Bios
Posted on Feb 6th, 2023
Short Term Rentals
Posted on Nov 18th, 2021
During the past 3 years, we have experienced an extraordinary number of properties sold on Manasota Key and we want to take this time to welcome all of our new neighbors!
Quite a few of the new property owners are not aware of the special rules that apply to Manasota Key and we ask that all of our members help us communicate the following:
Clean Up Recommendations
Posted on Aug 27th, 2021
Anyone who is on the Key now is very aware of the recent red tide and the fish kill it has caused.  The County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources division is working on the removal of dead fish at the public beaches throughout the County.
Property owners have the option of raking and bagging fish for regular curbside trash pickup.  However, leaving bags on the street for any prolonged period may result in further problems if raccoons or other critters get into the bags.  In the past, some owners have found it is easier and more practical to bury fish on the beach.  If you have a lawn or garden maintenance service, they may be willing to help. 
Residents who elect to bury fish should be aware that it is still turtle season.  The experts on sea turtles have advised that if the fish are buried as near as possible to the high water line (close to where they are now) there should be no problem as the few nests that remain are farther up on the beach (closer to the dune).  If owners have any questions about possible damage to existing nests, they can contact Zoe Bass (941-468-3816).
We urge as many residents as possible to help in the efforts to bury the fish.  Persons with respiratory conditions or who have experienced symptoms when exposed to red tide should refrain from volunteering.