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Dear Manasota Key Property Owner,
Welcome to the Key as a property owner! Whether this is a new love affair or one you have cherished through decades of prior relationships or encounters here, we all appreciate the beauty and serenity that makes it one of the most extraordinary places to call home. Our common bond is that love for the Key.

We owe a debt of gratitude to early homeowners who back in the 1950’s committed themselves to preserving the natural habitat where so many birds, animals, sea life, plants, and vegetation thrive. These early residents started the Galleon’s Reach Protective and Conservation Association which later became the Manasota Key Association (MKA) in 1971. The 1970s also saw the creation of the Manasota Key Conservation District Act by the State of Florida Legislators.  The special single-family zoning and environmental protection we enjoy here on the Key are protected by this Florida Statute.  These efforts have allowed the Key to remain a barrier island that retains its natural beauty rarely found in Florida. They also continue to guide MKA to educate our members and supporters to protect horticulture, wildlife, marine life as well as the single-family characteristic of the Key. By virtue of geography, you are eligible to be a member. 

The Manasota Key Association is a voluntary organization that consists of approximately 200 Sarasota County property owners.  The MKA Board of Directors meets monthly during the season and as needed to diligently and actively address issues relevant to protecting and enjoying life on the Key. We do this by staying current on issues impacting our Key, focusing on relationships with our neighbors and county officials, and intervening when needs arise. Some of our efforts include:

  • Electronically delivered quarterly newsletters and other alerts to keep you informed.
  • Social gatherings that aim to promote membership, cooperation, education, and fellowship.
  • Our annual members' directory is a comprehensive resource available to every member with names, addresses, phone and email addresses plus a copy of the MKA Constitution Bylaws and Conservation Act.
  • Our Iguana  Committee was formed to address our concerns about managing this growing menace with practical approaches such as alerting members to the challenges of controlling our unwelcome invaders and making cages available for loan for trapping along with brief instructions for how to use them.
  • Security – The MKA security patrol continues to provide valuable surveillance to keep our Key safe and is solely funded by voluntary contributions from MKA members. Our emails and newsletter function as an early warning system to alert members to any issues.
  • Tropical Storms and Hurricanes – The MKA provides members via email and our website with valuable information when our Key is impacted by Tropical Weather.  Information includes helpful County website links along with photos of the area during and after tropical storms.  Other helpful updates include evacuation information, road conditions, and the status of water and electrical service on the Key.
  • The MKA maintains communications with the Sarasota County Commission and their Staff relating to all matters that are important to our Key residents.  The MKA has helped produce positive outcomes on matters such as beach erosion and renourishment, road maintenance, zoning enforcement, utility repairs, and other matters because of our County knowledge and respectful relationships.
The MKA appreciates the high participation rate among eligible households in our Association through membership. Your participation is important to strengthen our collective voice. Consider the substantial value of your investment on Manasota Key and the wonderful surroundings in which we all live. We believe that the MKA serves an important role in protecting these values, and the modest annual membership is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to safeguard your investment.

The vast majority of members also support the voluntary MKA security patrol. Our members’ security support allows the MKA to have the Key patrolled on a variable 24/7 schedule which deters crime and supplements Sarasota County Sheriff’s patrols.
We invite you to join us and continue the long tradition of supporting the MKA. Both your neighbors and your predecessors have preserved the Key with their far-sighted support. We genuinely look forward to your association with us.

Sincerely yours,
Manasota Key Association
Board of Directors
P.O. Box 343
Englewood, FL 34223