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Welcome to Manasota Key and the Manasota Key Association!

No matter if you have been part of Manasota Key for just a few weeks or have lived here for decades, the beauty and serenity of this setting makes it one of the most extraordinary places in all of Florida.

This barrier island is home to a multitude of birds, animals, sea life and magnificent plants and vegetation. 15,000 years ago it was a part of the African continent and it has supported human life for perhaps as long as 2000 years.

And you can see that modern man has had a significant impact on Manasota Key. The difference between the south key in Charlotte County and the key in Sarasota County is striking. Once you cross over the county line into Sarasota County the full beauty and uniqueness of the Key begins.

One of the primary reasons we have been able to maintain the pristine nature of the property between the County Line and North Beach is the Conservation District started by the Manasota Key Association (MKA) in 1971. The Association itself has been in existence for almost 60 years and the diligent efforts of residents during that time have allowed the Key to remain as it is today, a barrier island that retains the natural beauty rarely found in Florida. The MKA and the Conservation District serve to protect the horticulture, wildlife, marine life, and the single-family nature of the Key.  (You can read the the Conservation District Documents by clicking HERE.)

Membership in the Manasota Key Association is open to home owners and property owners who live between the North Bridge and the Charlotte County Line on Manasota Key.   Membership and support of the Manasota Key Association is critical to continuing to protect and promote the general interests of property owners on our section of the Key. Our overriding goal is to protect and enhance the value of what most likely is one of your most important assets, your Manasota Key property and your home.
For many years, property owners have made it possible to enjoy the benefits of living in this special place by joining the Manasota Key Association. The all-volunteer board of directors of the MKA meets monthly to diligently and actively defend the property rights of residents. Here are just a few examples of important issues the board, with the support of the membership, have aggressively addressed:

We are currently working with the County and our partners on the north Key and Casey Key to get specific language included in the County’s Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP), the County document that specifies how and when services and resources will be allocated in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. It is critically important to all property owners that the bridges and utilities be restored as rapidly as possible in the event of a disaster. And just as important, we must be allowed to rebuild our homes or repair damage as quickly as possible with expedited permitting and minimum red tape. That is why we are working so hard on this issue now. Because of our ongoing relationship with the County Commissioners and department heads, we have made steady progress.

Just a few years ago Sarasota County passed ordinances that restricted or eliminated a number of activities on the beach, including the area that lies above mean high tide. These restrictions would have made it illegal to have a glass of wine, play Frisbee or conduct other common activities like sitting with your pets. Working with Casey and North Manasota Keys, we were able to revise or remove those restrictions.
Working again with Casey Key and legal counsel, we defeated a significant building permit proposal that would have made it difficult, if not impossible, for residents to remodel, rebuild or upgrade their homes without tearing down the existing structure and starting from scratch to comply with current, ever-changing codes.

After recent tropical storms , the Association arranged for a town hall meeting of residents and the managers of all the County’s building and permitting offices in an effort to make all parties aware of the damage and streamline the permitting/rebuilding of lost or damaged property. Our Association website and emails keep all
property owners informed with pictures and descriptions of the impact of the tropical storm.
The Association along with our members put together a comprehensive effort to stop the County from establishing a third public access park/preserve which would have significantly affected the surrounding neighbors as well as traffic and security on the Key.
The Association successfully lobbied the County to eliminate a proposed food service operation at the north beach that would have changed the character of the key and affected property values.
The important issue we recently faced was the clear-cutting of decades old mangroves in the wetlands of a piece of property on the key. This deliberate action significantly affected the nature of property. The Association is closely following the County and State proceedings to insure that a remediation plan is put in place. We are also working with County officials to put into place an emergency notification system where the County can take action over a weekend or after hours.
The MKA sponsors and organizes ongoing trash removal from our road. We have consistently removed each year over 50 large trash bags of cans, bottles and other junk from around the road.
The MKA security patrol that you can see frequently on our road is paid by voluntary contributions from MKA members. The availability and visibility of this service in especially important in this era of law enforcement cutbacks.
Our frequent MKA emails and newsletters let property owners know immediately (an early warning system) of any security issues, which because of the patrols are very rare.
Our Association holds several well-attended social events every year to get to know our fellow members. And the Manasota Key Association Directory is a key resource for every member with names, addresses, phone and email information, plus a copy of the Association by-laws and Conservation District regulations.
Elected officials and County officials are much more likely to listen to an organized and well-supported group than each of us individually. The more property owners we represent, and the more cohesive our
association, the better chance we have to favorably influence policies and governmental entities.
Consider the value of your investment on Manasota Key and the wonderful surroundings in which we live. We ardently believe that the Manasota Key Association serves an invaluable role in protecting these values and the $55 annual membership may be the most cost effective and least expensive measure you can take to help safeguard your investment.

The vast majority of members also support the voluntary MKA security patrol. For an additional $100 per year, the Association is able to have the Key patrolled on a random basis both days and evenings.
If you have a home or own property on Manasota Key between the North Bridge and the Charlotte County line, we respectfully ask you to continue the decades long tradition of supporting the Manasota Key Association. Your current neighbors and your predecessors have preserved the Key with their support. We look forward to you joining the Association and participating with all of our members.
Sincerely yours,

Jackie Ruthman
Manasota Key Association President