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Renting Your Property

Thinking of Moving to Paradise?

If you are looking for a home to enjoy with your family, then the Sarasota County portion of the key is for you. The pristine beaches and quiet family lifestyle is cherished here.  The Sarasota County portion of Manasota Key does not allow weekly rentals and home rental activity is closely monitored by the Manasota Key Association.
Our distinctive single-family home status is protected by both specific Sarasota County Ordinances and Florida Statute Chapters 71-904 and 94-453, that created and amended the Manasota Key Conservation District. These ordinances and laws clearly state that homes in our District cannot be rented for periods of less than 30 days and no lands within the District shall be used for commercial or multifamily purposes.
If you are looking for a more exciting and faster paced lifestyle, you may want to consider the Charlotte County portion of Manasota Key which has lots of great restaurants, multifamily dwelling rentals, boat rentals and fishing charters. Unlike Sarasota County- this southern part of Manasota Key allows multifamily dwelling units, weekly rentals, and commercial activity.
Over the years, the MKA has worked hard to keep this great way of life and protect our land and wildlife. They will continue working hard every year to keep it the pristine and beautiful place that it is and will remain.
It is highly recommended that all prospective home buyers for Manasota Key review both Sarasota County Zoning Ordinances and the Manasota Key Conservation District Act with your Real Estate Attorney before buying property on Manasota Key.