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Manasota Key Turtle Nesting Returns
Posted on Aug 27th, 2021

Sea turtle nesting season is here from now until October 31st and the turtles are hatching in abundance now. Watching and waiting is a time-honored tradition we cherish on Manasota Key. Already the 2021 sea turtle counts are exceeding what was recorded in 2020. Loggerhead nesting density is now up to 338 per mile and green Turtle nests are up 85%!

What You Can Do On The Beach

May 1 - October 31
  • Do not use flashlights, tiki torches, fishing lanterns, flash photography, or fireworks.
  • Enjoy the sand and sandcastles, but refill holes, which can trap hatchlings (and shorebird chicks).
  • Remove canopies, chairs, toys, boats and other obstructions from the beach at night.
  • Do ‘mini’ clean-ups daily so that trash does not entrap or obstruct the path of hatchlings and so food scraps do not attract predators.
  • Disconnect, shield, or otherwise modify exterior lights which are visible from the beach.
  • Remember to close draperies and also move lamps back from windows. Interior lights visible from the beach also pose a danger.
  • Do not allow pets on the beach. Pets running loose may harass turtles, dig up nests or harm hatchlings (and shorebird chicks).
  • Do not buy turtle products when abroad at any time
  • If you are fortunate enough to encounter a nesting turtle on the beach, remain quiet, at a distance, and in the dark. Allow her to return undisturbed to the sea.
  • Don't Forget: Lights, obstructions, and pets are threats

Zoe Bass (6365), Coastal Wildlife Club Board member and permit holder, manages the all-volunteer group that does daily monitoring on Manasota Key from April to October each year. 

MKA members can also help by volunteering for Beach Patrol, becoming a member of CWC, and of course by providing donations. All options are on the CWC website.