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A message from the MKA President
Posted on Feb 17th, 2023

Dear MKA Members,
First, I would like to welcome all new Members who have recently joined the Manasota Key Association (MKA). Welcome to paradise and I look forward to personally meeting all of you in the future! 2022 will be remembered as the Hurricane Ian year. We hope our numerous MKA email communications helped with your planning for the Storm and recovery efforts afterward. Our Key continues to look better every day and we thank everyone for all of your hard work with the clean-up efforts. No doubt, Ian will be remembered as the worst natural disaster to impact our community during the past 70 years.
The MKA Board of Directors has had a very busy past year and important improvements have been made to benefit MKA Members.
Our MKA  V.P.- Tom Russell has done a fantastic job updating the MKA website – www.manasotakeyassociation.org
Some highlights of our updated website include:
A new Manasota Key History section added
A new video titled “Manasota Key Shoreline Drone Footage” which is under the “Useful Links” heading
A new section “Renting Your Property” was added to help educate property owners about home rental ordinances
TRVST Security continues to do a great job with Security Patrols here on the Key. There is no doubt TRVST’s presence helps to keep our Community safer and secure. We thank all of our MKA Members for your support of this very important TRVST service.
Your MKA Board created a short-term home rental committee and has made substantial progress in reversing the trend of illegal short-term home rentals taking place here on the Key. We will continue to partner with Sarasota County Government to request additional enforcement resources and to identify best practices to eliminate these illegal rentals from our Key.
Our Association is currently seeking Members to volunteer to serve on the following Committees:
Newsletter Committee
Short-Term Home Rentals Committee
If you have interest in serving on a Committee or becoming a member of our Board of Directors in the future please email us at mka@manasotakeyassociation.org
We hope you are planning to join us for our upcoming annual MKA luncheon meeting on Friday, February 17th. You can sign up at the MKA website or by contacting Jane Miller at tjmiller@aol.com
Also, don’t forget to save the date to attend our upcoming MKA Spring Picnic at Lemon Bay Park on April 1st.
Best Regards,
John McIntyre
Manasota Key Association
Board of Directors President